Jilin Province will further improve the work of disaster put the views of self-help

Since late July of this year, our province continue to heat drier central and western regions, there have been rare in the history of a severe drought, the recent precipitation in the main-arid apparent, effective and significantly ease the drought across the province. Provincial government requirements, central and western regions at present and in the coming period, agriculture and rural work in the central task of short-term drought mitigation into disaster by the self-help, do everything possible to achieve the worst-hit areas cut a small, light hazard-prone areas do not cut, no security disaster-prone areas increase production, improve disaster self-help to minimize the losses caused by disasters to help the affected people to restore production and life, planning arrangements for 2010 agricultural production and efforts to achieve "guarantee growth, protect people's livelihood, maintaining stability", the promotion of the province's agriculture and rural economy steady and rapid development, now make the following observations.

First, continue to firmly grasp drought-fighting food

1. Continue to adhere to drought watering. At present most of central and western counties (cities, districts) effective drought mitigation and apparent ease, there is still a small number of county drought in some villages and towns there is no fundamental lifted, on plots of land to grow and can not be abandoned tube disposable income, we must use all available use of water, continue to organize farmers watering can pouring pouring mu mu, can protect a ridge a ridge protection. For the drought to be less affected by the drought mitigation and land, with water conditions local governments should strive to re-watering time, prevent the occurrence of autumn drought, to ensure a good harvest.

2. Strengthening drought emergency water resources projects. Consistently to ensure safe drinking water and livestock production of major food crops of water first, to speed up the construction of additional facilities for various types of small-scale emergency water sources, a substantial increase in the number of mobile irrigation equipment and drought. The new water source to fight this fall, wells and supporting facilities, to include rural drinking water safety as much as possible within the framework of project planning and enjoy safe drinking water projects in 2010 to support the policy. All levels of government relief funds to ensure the basic livelihood of people in difficulty, based on a combination with the production, and development of greenhouse film and vegetables combined effect of improving the use of funds.

3. Protection of electricity supply in the oil disaster. Oil, agriculture, electricity departments should do everything possible to protect the disaster petrol and electricity supply, to prevent out of stock merchandise in oil consumption and power cuts in the affected areas 24-hour service stations to give priority to ensure that farmers oil disaster.

4. Increase the intensity of field management in autumn. The agricultural administrative departments at all levels should organize agricultural research, extension departments to grass-roots level to guide the farmers to strengthen the latter part of field management and the promotion of early-maturing crops. To take all effective measures to prevent early frost hazard. Should pay attention to climate change, guide the broad masses of farmers to make late night cut income, to improve crop maturity and grain plumpness.

5. Continue to increase capital investment relief. The financial departments at all levels should actively raise drought relief funds, adjust and optimize the expenditure structure, strong compression and control of general expenses, and further increase the funding. Various types of funds for supporting agriculture should focus on delivery to the disaster areas, preferential agricultural subsidies and policy-oriented insurance funds should be released as soon as possible deliver to disaster areas. To speed up the progress of disbursement of funds in strict accordance with relevant regulations as soon as possible the allocation of national and provincial drought relief funds. National and provincial funding for projects to focus on agriculture-related organization to the disaster area, the relevant departments all kinds of relief subsidies, poverty alleviation and development, and social security funds should also give priority to ensuring the disaster areas.