Liuzhou actively organize pre-drought and drought of funds allocated 1 million yuan Liuzhou News


(Reporter correspondent Qian Zhi-Jie Liu Hung-yao) yesterday afternoon, the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Gang, the rate of agriculture, water conservancy and other department heads to luzhai County, LIU Dong New Area to understand the current drought situation, requiring departments to take action and organize the masses to do a good job the long-term drought preparedness, and resolutely fight, to win the battle and drought mitigation.

As of September 3, Liuzhou crops affected by the drought area is more than 100 mu, of which 28 thousand mu of dry weight, nearly 65900 people Yinhan drinking water problems arise. Chen Gang at the scene investigation and study to learn more about the current drought and the drought of the agricultural measures to encourage local people confidence, positive actions, to resolutely fight, to win the battle and drought mitigation. Chen said the municipal government in the capital, technology, professionals, and give full support to drought-resistant facilities, all levels of government should actively organize the masses to make a long-term drought preparedness. Chen Gang said the municipal government allocated 1 million yuan will be pre-drought funds, counties and urban areas to do well as the corresponding input, to help drought-stricken villages and towns do a good job of serious drought, to ensure that oil, water pump, a motor-pumped wells, irrigation equipment, an adequate supply of materials such as drought, increase implementation of artificial rainfall operations.