Improve the ability to capture autumn harvest drought


WASHINGTON (correspondent / operator letter) this year, the northern part of Guangdong regional agricultural irrigation water tension. This province of agricultural production, particularly in rice production caused by a certain threat. Before the last two days, the Deputy Governor Li Ronggen to Shaoguan City, Lechang City and Ruyuan County to inspect and guide production and forest rehabilitation and drought recovery.

Lee Yong-Kan stressed that request, the current necessary to specify the following five aspects of work: an overall plans and take full advantage of living water, improve irrigation efficiency and irrigation ditches drought resistance. Second, scientific control scheme is implemented to save water. Third, we should grab a timely moisture, tillage replant replant, it is necessary to start all the water conservancy facilities, irrigation, Seedlings, and strive to win this year's autumn harvest. Fourth, we should strengthen guidance, stress practical results and a good drought-resistant materials and equipment to deploy the full protection of demand and drought. Fifth, we must look to the water can not solve drought-resistant and high-ranked days Tian Tian, rapidly switching to drought-resistant and strong seasonal cash crops late.