Yongning District of Baekje village every effort to farmland drought

By the continuous hot dry weather, Yongning District Hongxing Baekje village, Hua Ling, the new equality in varying degrees of drought. According to preliminary statistics, the township a total area of 3.5 hectares of crops affected by the drought, of which 0.45 million mu of rice, sugar cane, 2.8 million mu, 0.25 million mu of other crops. To ensure that farmers increase food production, Baekje village actively adopted various measures to organize the township people's work to resist droughts.
First, strengthen leadership, and timely for the current drought in drought-relief work conference was convened to analyze the current situation of agricultural production, to develop drought contingency plans and the establishment of drought leading group to further implement the responsibility system for drought-relief work, firmly establish the drought insurance increases thoughts.

Second, pay close attention to work measures, closely surrounding the restructuring of agricultural production and farmers income goals, adjust the anti-drought work thinking, targeted to select drought-resistant measures, change from passive to active anti-drought and drought and scientific control and focused so that the limited water various types of facilities, resources and maximize the effectiveness of drought.

Third is the Commissioner of individual reservoirs, ponds and other water conservation of existing water storage situation thoroughly investigated, so that scientific control and rational irrigation, and make full use of water resources. At the same time, also organized a variety of irrigation equipment and technical personnel check the operation, repair of damaged irrigation facilities to ensure the normal operation of equipment to play their roles.

Fourth, the vanguard and exemplary role played by party members, among party members and cadres to go hand in hand shoulder to shoulder with the masses drought Cunzhun want to find some way to do its utmost to minimize their losses caused by drought.