Liyang Town, Ninghai actively promote the citrus industry base construction

Ninghai News Network News (Reporter correspondent PAN Xu Ting, Shen Bo) to further enlarge and strengthen the citrus industry, this year, Li Yang Town, based on the ecological advantages and comparative advantages, the layout of citrus industry base, and actively promote the citrus industry base Hiraiwa core area of the building.

Li Yang as the county town, the main citrus growing areas, with 20,000 mu of high-quality pollution-free citrus base, local farmers, 70% of farm income comes from the citrus industry. Up to now, the town has invested 163.1 thousand yuan to complete the construction of Orange Regional Road 3 km; Investment 3 million to complete the grafting experiments 10 acres; investments by 10 million to complete the construction of two reservoirs, mobile irrigation equipment 5 sets / kits, drip irrigation tape and install 50,000 meters; invested 1.02 million to complete the construction of post-processing citrus processing plant 1749.4 square meters. As planned, the next step, the town will proceed to the steel Citrus sheds construction, extension citrus picking and promoting the citrus industry bases.

It is understood that county citrus industry base construction, involving power-yang, Hu Chen, Long Street and other three towns in order to force foreign agricultural Corporation as the lead unit, a total investment of 6.4 million yuan, at present, the above-mentioned three towns have been completed a total base construction projects 70%.