More about Israel's agricultural water-saving irrigation Briefing


(I) pressure irrigation techniques

Israel has extensive experience in the field of irrigation, and as a basis for developing a series of new irrigation technologies that are now successfully entered the international market. Israel

Drip irrigation equipment manufacturers will launch a year 5-10 kinds of new products. Israel's production of about 80% of irrigation equipment for export. Israel's irrigation equipment manufacturers according to customer's special

Customized products. From overseas customers who provided soil and crop types of field data, access to water requirements, water filters suitable for such a choice,

To prevent residue accumulation and plugging the appropriate fertilizer recommendation, the best irrigation methods as well as other information on customer needs and a series of professional advice.

(B) drip irrigation technology

Israel's drip irrigation technology is leading low. The drip irrigation equipment, water supply 1 liter per hour ranging from -20 up to a maximum water usage of up to 95%, ideally suited for precision farming.

For example, the use of soilless cultivation of low-flow drip irrigation nozzles, fine-planting in the greenhouse often consume a large amount of water, and greenhouse applications designed drip irrigation system, use the

Low-flow nozzle, the water supply is only 200 ml per hour. A unique feature of this method of irrigation is that water can be evenly spread in the medium, reducing the water lost.

Israel, 80% of irrigated land have used the method of irrigation water and fertilizer to irrigation and fertilization at the same time, once completed. Israel has developed a drip irrigation for wastewater irrigation head, it is

Be able to control the water flow and can prevent clogging. Production of Di Guanguan Israel line filters installed the tube, it is a plastic (9520, -145.00, -1.50%) of the multi-tooth components, when

Water flow through the cartridge, it will generate eddy current, you can discard one of the dust particles to prevent the export of a narrow emitter plugging.