Shandong Province, Laixi rely on themselves and prompt action, and make concerted efforts to combat Han Mo.

PRC journalist Liu, Li Huanqing correspondent reports: In order to ensure wheat (2164,0.00,0.00%), when the planting is not mistaken for the sustainable development of the current drought, Shandong Province, Laixi rely on themselves and prompt action, and make concerted efforts to combat Han Mo. At present, the city's drought put the number of 12 thousand people into drought-resistant electromechanical well over 8000 eyes, 230 pumping stations, deployed mobile device 62000 sets of drought, drought-relief funds invested 12.8 million yuan, drought-made entropy 32.2 million mu, of which 25.2 sowing wheat mu.

This year, Lacey hit summer drought with autumn drought, the city's drought-hit area of 81 mu, and the drought in the further development. In order to effectively do a good job drought Yasuaki kinds of work, the organization launched Laixi in advance, and actively coordinate meteorological, hydrological, agricultural and other departments do a good job drought and soil moisture monitoring and forecasting, drought for farmers to provide timely information and technology services. According to the further development of the drought, the morning of October 10, Lacey City held a special session of drought-relief work, a comprehensive analysis of the drought, layout and drought task forces at all levels to mobilize the city into drought-resistant line, and set up a drought control headquarters, unified command, Scheduling the city's drought. Meanwhile, the implementation of large and medium reservoirs for irrigation water distribution, including high-grid village reservoir was at 2:00 on October 10 started discharging water to chanzhi reservoir, also 12, released more water. Towns (offices) act quickly to arrange for package film cadres to the forefront of science, together with the village cadres to organize and coordinate the masses, while irrigation increased the water development efforts, organizational maintenance of transformation of 280 small-scale water conservancy projects, the new water projects to open 178 Department, New beat, maintenance, motor-pumped well 360 to address the needs of the farmers and drought.