GG-001A(Moisture-Controlled Auto Irrigation System Without Timer) Function

<1>Using soil moisture to control irrigation system. Can continuously collect moisture sample data to realize total automation.

<2>Solar power charging system will charge battery continuously with low power consumption design, no need to change battery or build AC power line, which Dramatically reduces installation cost and is good for out door.

<3>Built in learning function(Innovation patent).Can apply to any kind of soil Condition to realize accurate, low cost auto irrigation.

<4>Apply for any soil condition.

<5>With LCD, easy to operate irrigation system.

<6>Weather sealed ASA material shell design, at least 10 years out door life.

<7>Has Manual operation handle with priority. Even if the moisture sensor Fails.The system will still keep working.

<8>Very reliable. And easier to operate than GG-001B which is which is with timer.

<9>The moisture sensor can be shallowly plug or deeply buried in soil, for different application of all kinds of plant.