Group Wireless Solar Moisture-Controlled Auto Irrigation System(GG-002A)

11:Has Manual operating handle with priority. Even if the moisture sensor fails, the system will still keep working.

12: System out of factory is with an ID code. User also can self define system ID code again. All extra accessories can been assigned and recorded to establish wireless communication channel with center controller very easily by user. Systems with different ID can work together at same place.

13: Center controller will record up to 20 most recent events like irrigating, pipe problems, rainingĄ­.

14: Raining check function. No irrigation(system) during raining, save water.

15: The center controller will show on the LCD real time 1. Zones are irrigating, 2. Zones are on the waiting list, 3. Zones may have pipe problems. User can add one outside siren, this siren will make noise when there are possible pipe problems.