1.Work model
First install the auto irrigation system,in the field, then the system will use soil moisture to control auto irrigation. User can set up dry and wet control level by own experience or will. Sensor, solar cell and magnetic valve all using connectors to connect each other, which is easy for maintain and repair.
2. Solar Power
Auto irrigation system effectively use solar power to avoid power line lay out. When there is sunlight, sunlight will directly supply power to irrigation system, otherwise battery will supply the power. Sun power will automatically recharge the battery if the battery voltage is low.
3.Sampling period
when there is no irrigation, the moisture sensor check soil moisture every 30 minutes, when it is irrigating, check every 5 minutes. This way can up battery life, and maximally save water.


4.Self hold magnetic valve
Self hold type magnetic valve, which means after valve been closed or open, the valve will hold the way it is without power. This way to save power, also avoid any valve¡¯s wrong action when the power voltage isn¡¯t stable.