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Attention points about greenhouse crops irrigation in winter


It is more and more into winter, and it is cold, the winter is coming with the cold wind. The greenhouses helps the vegetable growers to over the difficult of planting vegetables in winter, which have created a suitable environment for crops and vegetables, so that many people will have fresh vegetables in cold winter day. But there are many things should be noticed by farmers in this small greenhouse environment, many factors will bring great influence on crops, hope the farmers will pay attention to:

1: It is better to use underground water to irrigate crops, so that it can be absorbed by the crop root, which is direct and efficient. It only need very little water to satisfy the crop growth needs, also keep the soil surface dry to prevent water evaporation.

2: If the farmers want to use drip irrigation, they should control the amount of water. Keep the crop root moist, but do not irrigate too much. Because too much water evaporation will absorb heat power away, and reduce the temperature of the shed; Too much water, or the environment is too wet will cause worm disease.

3: Do not water in later winter thaw period, also not mix soluble fertilizer in the water, pay attention to water pressure prevent water pipe broken.

With the greenhouse came more popular, which have solved fresh vegetable supplies problem in the winter and met the public?痵 requirement. At the same time, bring more economic benefits for the farmers. We all ANC staff hope all the farmers have a better harvest in the next year, everyone can have a happy and healthy year of the snake.

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