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ANC Technology was established in 1994, located at Moorpark, California. ANC Technology established the Shanghai ANC factory in 1995 which is located at Qingpu Baihe Industry Park. Shanghai ANC has approximately 13000m2 land, 6200m2 facility. Shanghai factory is ISO QA qualified.

ANC Technology designs and manufactures moisture sensor based, solar powered, intelligent irrigation controllers. From independent controllers for garden pads/pots, to wireless control systems for home, and 3G systems for resorts and agriculture. The wireless/relay system with mesh network is independent, only using WIFI/3G if customers need to supervise remotely. All field controllers are solar powered, so there is no need of communication lines or power lines, which made automatic control possible at low installation and maintenance cost. With on screen instruction, all controllers are easy to install and operate. The system keeps soil moisture in the set range to optimize irrigation, which greatly improves water usage efficiency. Our low power independent wireless/relay communication system passed certification FCC test. Over the years, ANC Technology has lead the industry to realize moisture sensor based automatic irrigation. Top quality, innovative products, environmentally responsible and best customer service is the spirit of our company.

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