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Agricultural water conservation is very important


In recent years, Chinese national council paid much attention to agriculture water saving. In the NO.1 file of 2011 has emphasized that we should look for the modern agriculture water saving as a major strategic and fundamental measurement of modern agriculture and improve agricultural water use efficiency in generally. Why should we pay more attention to agricultural water saving. At first, the development of water-saving project is the basic way of alleviating the shortage of water resources. In recent years, agricultural water accounts about 62% of the total water usage, some areas can reach above 90%, but agricultural water use efficiency is seriously low. Second, the development of agriculture water-saving is the most important basic to ensure the national food safety. The basic is water saving if we want to realize the national new 500 billions KG grain production capacity. Third, the development of agriculture water saving is the inevitable requirement of speeding up the transformation of the modern economic. To speed up the popularization of advanced and practical agricultural water saving technology, can improve efficiency of water usage and soil resources, agricultural productivity, material usage and labor productivity, promote the development of the agriculture. Forth, the development of agriculture water saving is the inevitable demand to improve the agricultural disaster prevention and disaster relief capacity. With the extreme severe weather effects on agricultural production increased, modern agricultural is more sensitive and depend on water resources, strengthen water saving in irrigation is particularly important and very urgent.

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