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Moisture controlled Auto Irrigation Controller

  • Model: GG-006A
  • Price: $166.21
  • Standard package: Moisture sensor(1); Controller(1); 1" Plastic latching valve(1); AC adapter(1);
Product introduction
Moisture controlled Auto Irrigation Controller GG-006A
The moisture sensor periodically collects soil moisture samples, sends to solar controller. The solar controller does analysis
according to the collected data, then control opens/closes the magnetic valve.
User set up the Dry/Wet control levels, then the controller will accurately keep the moisture in the set up range.Using AC
(110/220V) power.
This system is for your backyard organic vegetables, fruit trees, green lawn and vertical landscape. Optimize irrigation, save
water, trouble free and protect the environment!
Can install with any existing or new, drip or sprinkler irrigation system, using the existing AC valve.

lAC 110/220V power
lUser sets up/adjusts wet/dry control levels.
lCurrent moisture % display on the LCD screen as reference.
lLCD display for the set up dry/wet control moisture levels.
lUser sets up/adjusts forbidden irrigation time.
lManual open/close valve for convenience.
lApplies to any kind of soil and plant.
lMoisture sensor could be plug or burried deep into soil.

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Moisture sensor(1); Solar controller with stainless box(1); 1" Plastic latching valve(1); 12V, 2300mAh battery(1)

Price: $166.21

With Valve Type:

Suggested maximum moisture sensor extention cable is 50 meters except moisture sensor for GG-005 series.
Suggested maximum maganetic valve extention cable is 20 meters.

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