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Outdoor solar powered moisture sensor based controller

  • Model: GG-005C Series
  • Recommended Application: Suitable for small garden, lawn and balcony vegetables.
  • Package weight: 2KG
  • ClickGG-005Cto watch installation video.

Product introduction:

Built in 3/4"  Plastic latching valve. Both ends thread are USA hose standard of NH-11.5. Plug in moisture sensor/Rain sensor. Including both "Moisture Control" and "Timer Control" modes, push mode key to switch between the modes. Can be powered by 4xAA Alkaline battery, solar panel with 4xAA rechargeable battery, or 100V to 240V AC adapter.

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Moisture/Timer Controller

Powered by Solar panel  

with rechargeable battery


Moisture sensor*1

Solar Panel*1



Moisture/Timer Controller

100V-240V AC power operated


Moisture sensor*1

AC Adaptor*1



Moisture/Timer Controller

Alkaline battery powered


Moisture sensor*1


Feature under “Moisture control" mode:

1. One key push-hold to setup Dry control level, and one key push-hold to setup wet control levels.

2. Then the system will keep the soil moisture level within the set up range.

3. User can adjust wet/dry control levels on the screen.

4. Set maximum irrigation duration to prevent flooding by broken pipe.

5. Moisture sensor could be buried shallow or deep into the soil.

6. The LCD will in sequence show "Dry control %, Current %, Wet control %, Max (Duration)".


1)In moisture control mode, if the maximum irrigation time is reached and the current moisture is still below the Dry control level, the valve will be auto closed and buzzing alarm.

2) If Dry Ctrl % is higher than wet Ctrl %, controller will beep to alarm.

Feature under "Timer control" mode:

1. Uses the moisture sensor as rain sensor to prevent irrigation in the rain.

2. Set any sensitivity of the rain sensor as desired.

3. User can set up any length of irrigation duration as desired.

4. Set maximum moisture % of the rain sensor to prevent flooding by broken pipe.

5. The LCD will in sequence show "Interval, Duration, Max %(of rain sensor)".

Good Points:

1. Reliable and very easy to use.

2. Solar power supply green power and maintenance free. Battery supplys low cost power.

3. Applies to any soil type, accurately keeps soil moisture in the set range, optimizes irrigation and save water.

4. Using outdoor material, ASA plastic, protected from moisture and ultraviolet rays.

5. This system is good for your backyard organic vegetables, fruit trees, green lawn and vertical landscape.

6. Valve Flow specification: 0.02Mpa≥2.0L/Min, 0.2Mpa≥9.5L/Min 0.5Mpa≥23L/Min, Max pressure: 1.0Mpa.

7. Optimize irrigation, save water, maintenance free and protect the environment!

How to operate:

Push “Power”key to turn on controller and choose the operating mode.

A: In“Moisture" mode, watering is controlled by moisture levels sensed by the moisture sensor.

1.) Wait until the soil is just dry and ready for watering. Push and hold the "Dry Ctrl" key until there is a beep.

Then the built in valve will open and watering will begin. This dry moisture level will be remembered.

2.) Wait until the soil is just wet enough to end watering, push and hold the "Wet Ctrl" key until there is a beep.

The valve will close; this wet level will be remembered.

3.) After this setup, the controller will automatically control irrigation and keep soil moisture within Dry/Wet levels. The controller will show in sequence show the remembered "Dry Ctrl %", "Wet Ctrl %", and the "current %".

4.) User can push "Menu/Mode"key to choose "Adjust dry control" or "Adjust wet control", and then push up/down keys to adjust the remembered dry/wet control levels.

5.) User can push "Menu/Mode" key to browse other setups, for example, the MAX irrigation length (default is 1 hour), set to other period or leave as is.

B: In "Timer" mode,

1.) Push“Menu/Mode" key to choose setup "Interval" time, push up/down key to choose value.

2.) Push“Menu/Mode" key to choose setup "Duration" period, push up/down key to choose value.

3.) Then the controller will automatically control irrigation according to the setup time schedules. The controller will show current moisture % if it has a moisture sensor.

4.) User can push“Menu/Mode"key to choose "Rain sensor" setup. Put the rain sensor in a dry place to make rain sensor more sensitive to the rain and less sensitive to watering. Factoy default is 40%.

Bury the moisture sensor in the soil or pot:

Installation Illustration:




【3/4" plastic DC latching valve】

Working voltage:4.5V±15%;

Operating pressure: 0.02~0.8MPa (3~110psi);

Maximum pressure: <0.8mpa (<110psi);<>

Flow pressure differential: 0.02MPa > 2 L/min(3psi > 0.5gpm); 0.2Mpa > 9.5L/Min (30psi >2gpm);

Water Temperature range: 1°C ~40°C (2°F ~104°F );


Adapter-03AC Adaptor】100V-240V/6V 1A ,Cable long 1.5m



【Solar panel】 with 1.5meters cable



Cable: TC0.15*28S/ 1.6PVC*2core/OD:5.0PVC;


Msenor-005-3bin【Moisture sensor】


Scable3C-5m【Sensor cable】Extention cable with connectors for moisture sensor,5meters (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


Scable3C-10m【Sensor cable】Extention cable with connectors for moisture sensor,10meters (Cable:TC0.15*28S/1.6PVC*3core/OD:5.0PVC)


DI-10m【Drip Irrigation Kit-10m】Match with Mini irrigation controller GG-005 series


DI-5mDrip Irrigation Kit-5mMatch with Mini irrigation controller GG-005 series


SpanelH-02【Solar Panel holder/bracket 】


SpanelH-03【Controller holder/bracket 】


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